POLLY is a Berlin based production company.
In all we do, we like to relate to the core of things. It leads us to the directors we love, to our partners and teams, and to who we are ourselves.

POLLY enjoys gathering with beautiful people of any kind. We train young colleagues to contribute to our industry’s future. It´s important to us. We go green, feeling obliged to change and improve.

Will it save the planet? Inspire others? We believe so!

We are POLLY.

2023 POLLY films left a 42t CO2 footprint, while avoiding, reducing and recycling as good as possible. This is a third less than 2022, mostly because of less traveling. Our footprint was compensated by regional tree planting and reforestation via prima klima.

We engage for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion side by side with the German Produktionsallianz Werbung. Within our office culture we enjoy confronting ourselves with the arts to regularly gain diverse perspectives on society.